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Globe International in collaboration with Internews, the UNICEF Mongolia and the Ministry of Health organized a 3-day training for journalists on Avian Influenza reporting from 8-10 November 2006 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The training that combined both theory and practice helped to broaden bird flu-related knowledge of 20 journalists /in charge of healthcare issues and with previous experience in working in infected areas/ from high risk provinces and the capital.

During the training a field trip to Buhug poultry farm located 40 km away from the city center and two other neighboring farms was organized. After the field trip the participating journalists were divided into three groups on the basis of the media they work for: 1 Radio group, 1 TV group and 2 Newspaper groups. Each group prepared a media story on what they observed in the course of the field trip. In their presentations on the field trip most of the participating journalists voiced concern over the fact that livestock grazing around an open waste site near the "Buhug" poultry farms could get infected with bird flu through bird droppings.

Ts. Bat, owner of the smallest of the three farms visited, said: Buhug enterprise has a special site for droppings, but the smaller farms dispose of droppings in the open waste site. In spring, some vegetable growers collect the droppings from the waste site and use them as a fertilizer.

In 2005, Mongolia reported the detection of H5N1 virus in dead geese and swans in Erkhel Lake in Alagerdene soum of Huvsgul Province /situated in the north of the country/ and Khunt Lake in Saihan soum of Bulgan Province /also situated in the north of the country/.

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