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Against Censorship!!!
Adopted by participants of the round table:
Against Censorship! May 2, 2006

Censorship is a clear and serious restriction of freedom of expression. Censorship is banned in Mongolia by the Media Freedom Law of 1998. However, in reality it still exists, and threatens media freedom and journalism ethics.

We, participants of the round table organized due to the World Press Freedom Day discussed and adopted this Call based on the IFJ Manifesto of Democratic Culture and Free Press Charter.

In order to disseminate news and information within the country and abroad, create favorable conditions for the professional activities of journalists, and respect the need for the public interest to know the truth, we call on:

The Parliament, President, Government and Public Officials

1. The provision of the Media Freedom Law banning censorship must be implemented in good faith.
2. The State Secrecy Law, the Law on Organizational Privacy and Criminal defamatory legislation, which seriously restrict the gathering and distribution of information must be amended in consistency with democratic criteria.
3. We demand that all attempts to influence media content, deny access to information be stopped, and to guarantee the protection of information sources.
4. We urge the adoption of a Freedom of Information Law, which would demand public officials to provide information to the public.

Media Owners and Editors

We urge the end of editorial censorship, a guarantee of editorial independence, and conditions in which journalists can carry out their everyday activities without interference.

Confederation of Mongolian Journalists

We call on the establishment and development of an efficient media self-regulation system that truly protects journalists rights.

Mongolian journalists

We call on you to serve the publics interest, and respect human rights and your ethical codes and principles.

Finally, we hope that the Mongolian Government will efficiently and effectively fulfill its obligations of a National Human Rights Programme.

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