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Right to Know: Freedom of Information
Media Specialized Lawyers, 1999
Newspapers in Education: Getting Started, 1999
Media and Corruption, round table,1999
Media legal Reform, 2000
Media and Women, 2001
Gender School for journalists, 2002
Freedom of Expression and Defamation, 2003
Public's Right to Know and Public Broadcasting, 2003
Democratic Elections and Media, 2004

Free and Fair ( Temporary Press Jury, Ethical Principles on Election Coverage), 2004

Media for Transparent Governance, (new) 2004-2005

Presidential election media monitoring 2005

Monitoring Free Expressions Violations and Supporting the Rights of Independent Media

Freedom of Information
Media laws


Media legal reform

The project was financially supported by Network Media Program of the Open Society Institute-Budapest and project goal was to sustain and promote the democratic media through assistance in creation of more favorable legal environment and defense of media freedom

Report: Mongolia in Transition. An Analysis of Mongolian Laws Affecting Freedom of Expression and Information

Round-table: Media Law Reform and its need

The round table was held on May 28-29, 2001 in Ulaanbaatar. 2 experts: Ms. Helen Darbishire and Mr. Boris Bergant and 40 Mongolian participants attended the round table. Representatives of Mongolian Journalists' Union, Mongolian Free and Democratic Journalists Association, and Mongolian Newspaper Association, and journalists and 20 persons- Chairmen of the Citizen's Representative Hural (Local Parliament in the provinces) had been invited to the round table.

Half-day seminar Principles of Public Broadcasting was held on 8th May 2002 in the Government House in cooperation with Good Governance for Human Security Program, the Mongolian Government Program financed by UNDP. The seminar was organized with support of H.Enhbold, PM and he opened and concluded the seminar. 4 persons including Parliament members, representatives on Mongolian National Radio and TV, NGOs, Strengthening Human Rights Program, UNDP and National Commission of Human Rights attended the seminar. H.Naranjargal, project leader introduced wqith the present legal situation of broadcasting in Mongolia. Toby Mendel and Ken Battarcharjee, ARTICLE 19 experts spoke on the following themes:

- The nature and the role of public broadcasting
- Management of PSB and public control
- Contents of Programming and Public Financing
- Drafting PSB law. Appropriateness for Mongolia


Report on analyze on Mongolian laws, H. Naranjargal (Mongolian)
Freedom expression in Mongolia, Ch. Chimed, The project Consultant (Mongolian)
The present situation broadcast media in Mongolia, Yu. Erdenetuya, PH.D (Mongolian)

The 1st day of the round table more concerned on public service broadcasting and media freedom issues.

Draft law on National Radio and TV
Memorandum on Law of Mongolia on National Radio and TV by Toby Mendel, ARTICLE 19
Recommendation on the Law Draft by H.Darbishire and B.Bergant (Mongolian)
Public Service Handbook for legislators (Mongolian)

  • The project produced series " Journalist and Law"

Mongolian laws and law provisions related to media (Mongolia)
The brochure contains 91 Mongolian laws and law provisions related to media.

Democratic Election and Media (Mongolia)
The brochure contains Election coverage principles for media and journalists, guidelines for the Government and Media. It includes election guidelines of ABC and BBC and full texts of laws on Parliamentarian and Presidential Elections, Law on Local Parliament and Law Referendum.

Freedom of expression (Mongolian)
The book contains Chapters on Freedom expression and media freedom in Mongolia, freedom of expression as essential human rights, right to know and European Union, and international laws and documents on the theme such as relevant provisions of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Ten Commandants of Free Press, Free Press Chart and others.

Public Service Broadcasting
The brochure includes translations of Comparative survey on public broadcasting by Toby Mendel, ARTICLE 19, Concepts and role of Public Service Broadcasting, Warner Ramshorst, European Commission, Ensuring and Protecting Freedom of Public Service, Helen Darbishire, OSI and other materials provided by Mongolian experts.

Libel and defamation
The brochure contains Survey on Libel and Defamation Cases conducted by MFOS, translations Freedom of Expression and Legislation on Defamation, ARTICLE 19 and materials of international experts; Galina Arapova and Willem Altes worked in Mongolia in December 1999. It also includes the relevant provisions of Mongolian Laws; Civil Code, Criminal Code and Resolutions of Supreme Court.


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