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Globe International is a non-profit-making, non-membership and tax- exempted NGO. It was founded in March 1999 and based in Ulaanbaatar, Capital City of Mongolia.

Motto: "Knowledge is Power"

Sustain Mongolian democracy and civil society, and spread power of information and knowledge.

Established democratic culture, informed and empowered citizens

Globe International is the only group working on freedoms expression, information and media, and member of Mongolian Human Rights Forum. We have contributed to preparation of National Human Rights Program, Advocacy of Law on Domestic Violence, establishment of National Coalition of International Criminal Courts and organization of International Civil Society Forum held in September 2003 in Ulaanbaatar.

Globe International in cooperation with its partner- ARTICLE 19, London based international organization for global campaign for free expression produced the first ever report titled " Mongolia in Transition: Mongolian Legislation Affecting Freedom of Expression". The first lawyers specialized on freedoms of information, expression and media trained in the framework of OSI- Budapest project " Media Legal Reform"

Globe International directly involved 3887 individuals and civil society groups to 33 events such as workshop, seminar, round table, festival, forum, competition and other public meetings. We also run media campaigns that cooperated with 51 central and provincial media outlets and raised public awareness on human rights and crucial social issues through 110 broadcasting programs and newspaper publications. Globe International published 28 handbooks, books and fliers in more than 120,000 copies.

Globe International has its programs: Right to Know: Freedom of Information, Independent Media and Public Development Program.

In 2004 Globe International has founded Globe Art Center, which is an independent NGO in order to carry out activities of Arts for Social Changes Program.

Globe International Annual report, 2004

Globe International Annual report, 2005

Dear readers! Dear readers,
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Against Censorship!!! Adopted by participants of the round table:
Against Censorship! May 2, 2006

Censorship is a clear and serious restriction of freedom of expression. Censorship is banned in Mongolia by the...
TRAINING FOR JOURNALISTS ON BIRD FLU REPORTING Globe International in collaboration with Internews, the UNICEF Mongolia and the Ministry of Health organized a 3-day training for journalists on Avian Influenza reporting from 8-10 November 2006 in Ulaanbaatar...
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